Faster than your average pussies

Ponzu had the perfect life—a family that loved him, a warm bed, and all the kibble he could eat. But for Ponzu, that wasn't enough. He found himself craving freedom from the mundane. He longed for action, for adventure. He craved danger.

Ponzu heard purring from the other house cats about a secret group of adrenaline chasers: half-feral felines partaking in a taboo art. His curiosity became desire, and then it became a need. He began to restlessly roam the streets like a jungle cat.

While passing a seemingly deserted alley, he felt an unshakable pull towards the darkness that lurked within. Unable to ignore the calling, he wandered closer and closer until he stumbled on a group of misfit cats.

Ponzu padded boldly in and approached Bosco, the group’s leader. Bosco saw the fire in Ponzu’s eyes, they all did. Without so much as a single dissenting meow, the scruffy, ragtag gang welcomed Ponzu to a new life. Ponzu was now one of the elite thrill seekers known as Team Drift Cats.

Who doesn’t love a good cat video, right? Cats are entertaining and cat drifting is simply hilarious, so why not make a game of it? Prepare to pee your pants through the hilarious new mobile game by Addicting Games, Team Drift Cats.

Game Description
  • Rev your meow-ers and drift your way through daily races and challenges
  • Level Up to create the ultimate team of Drift Cats. Listen to those engines purr!
  • Don't get too confident; cat-tastrophies are awaiting around every corner
  • Use distractions to outwit your opponents – what cat can resist a ball of yarn or the light reflecting from a mesmerizing disco ball?
  • Earn rewards for upgrading your cats to improve puuuurformance
  • Give your characters a personality boost with cat-tastic accessories.